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General Index


The Objects

Objects are a method to improve your Hero's performance. They're on sale in the Bazaar and can be bought with the money provided by your fans. Always keep an eye on your fans: the more fans you have, the more money you'll get each day.

Objects moreover are the only things in your possession that remain untouched after a Tournament. So, it would be a good strategy to save up lots of objects and use them all in one Tournament.

Objects that you can buy are essentially of three types: objects of immediate use, objects used in your daily activity and objects used in fights. Let's see in details how they work.

Objects of immediate use

Into this category fall all the objects that are used up immediately after they've been bought. These are objects that don't go into your inventory, but they disappear immediately after having been bought.

Objects of this type are, for example, those that improve your health or experience and scratch cards. Each time such an object is used, you can see the effect in your diary.

Objects of this type are identified, in the bazaar, by the icon below.

Objects for your daily activity

These are objects that enhance the effect of your daily activity. There are objects for each specific activity: a suit enhances training, a walkman enhances your teacher's lessons while camomile enhances resting.

Into this category fall also objects that improve your relationship with your fan club, like a mask or a boots.

These objects are stored in your inventory, visible in your Hero's page, and they have a certain validity: each time such an object is used, its validity decreases and when it reaches zero the object becomes useless and it is discarded. These objects lose their validity only if used in the its proper activity, for example the walkman won't lose validity if your daily activity is training.

You can also choose currently not to use a specific object, by setting it as "not active": in this way the object won't lose validity, but neither will you have the beneficial effect. You can set the Active status on your hero page or on the page of the specific object.

Objects of this type are identified, in the bazaar, by the icon below.

Objects for the fight

These are objects that can be used in a fight to improve your performance. There are different kinds of objects for this.

To use an object in a fight, you have to go to the fight settings page. If you have an already organized fight, when you go to change the settings of that fight, you will have the possibility to use an object. Obviously it is not possible to use more than one object of the same type in a fight.

But beware: once you have chosen to use an object in a fight, its validity will decrease regardless if the object would have an effect or not. Thus, for example, if you chose to use the magic belt, it will lose a validity point even if your element han an advantage over the one of your opponent.

Objects of this type are identified, in the bazaar, by the icon below.


The Bazaar is the place where you can buy objects. Not all kinds of objects will always be available for buying. Some objects, usually the most powerful ones, are also rarer than others, so you'll probably see more often the same crappy objects while you will rarely see the ones you'd need.

The prices on the Bazaar follow the normal market price: each time an object is bought, its price goes up. On the other hand, if no one buys an object for some time, its price will go down.

Remember to check the Bazaar often, because the seller can change which products are on sale at any time.


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