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The Elements of the World of Hero Master

When you start your career at the Hero Master Tournament, you'll probably know only one human skill. Human skills are sometimes the basis of a more powerful knowledge, but usually won't get you so far.

Your first goal should be to collect enough experience to change your first human Teacher with an Elemental Teacher. Elemental Teachers will teach you Elemental Skills, which are much more powerful than human ones.

In Hero Master there are five Elements, beside Human. Each Element has its characteristics and its unique powers, has its strenghts and its weak points. Each Element is weak against two other Elements and strong against the other two, so that no Element is neutral against any other Element. The main schema can be seen in the picture below, and resembles a circle. A blue arrow indicates the direction in which the Element is stronger against the other, while a red arrow indicates that the Element is weak against the other. The element in the first position is stronger (or weaker) against the other to a greater extent, while the element in the second position of the circle is stroger (or weaker) against the other to a lesser extent. So, for example, water is much stronger against fire, a bit stronger against Mind, while it is much weaker against Air and a bit weaker against Earth

Human skills are neutral with regard to Elemental skills.

There are also other skills that belongs to the "Accessory" group: they do not really belong to a specific element, neither the human one, but they're needed for most of the basic skills of all the elements. While the Elemental Teacher cannot teach you human skills, he can teach you those accessory skills.

The skills tree (Advanced!)

A complete skill tree is not available. Anyway, it's possible to give some indications on which skills you will learn following a certain route.

The fact that you can decide which learning path to follow, may be less important than it looks in the economy of the game. More important, perhaps, is to differ from others in order to participate in all possible missions! Some learning paths lead afar, with long (or short) sequences of learning. In some cases, these routes are short and lead to TOP Skills less powerful than those that terminate other routes.

Human skills

It's hardly worth describing the human skills. The most powerful human skills don't come even close to those of a superhero. A tree of such skills is simply unnecessary. However, it can be useful to study accessory skills that often bring specific addons to the game, missions and often allow to continue learning of skills with more pepper. Some human skills can be made "Super" by follow the advanced courses of Masters of Earth.

Earth Element

The element of Earth has a very high number of skills, with very long learning paths but quick to learn and a unique number of choices. It is sometimes penalized by special events, but allows you to reach an absolute level that no other element can guarantee, while maintaining only skills consistent with your orientation. Sometimes, however, it requires the ability to prudently manage which skills to pursue, just to maintain your chosen orientation among ramifications oriented differently.

The element is divided into two distinct groups of skills: the skills of mechanics and to traditional and historical skills.

Earth: Mechanical skills

By studying engineering you will take the path of mechanical skills.

  • Mechanical prosthetics allows you to alter your physical structure with cyber components, beginning with a simple spring boot, up to terrifying metallic tentacles.
  • Flying on a disc allows you to build a flying saucer from which you can shoot the opponent, can be a good reinforcement for the other skills but, alone, is not exceptionally powerful.
  • Pistols ranging from guns to throwing discs up to the ray of gravity, this short path leads to a good reinforcement.
  • Jetti swords is a very strong path, deviating from the construction of laser guns, will lead you in a short time to become a Jetti Knight and handle laser swords. To do this you must change your orientation: Guns have negative orientation, but there can't exist a Jetti Knight that is not devoted to good.
  • Ultraview is a way to develop great powers with a molecular and telescopic view, another short route enhancement.
  • MECHA allows you to create and guide your giant robot! A monstrous combat robot requires some time for the construction, but in the end it's worth it. This path is divided into three branches, corresponding to different types of devices with which powerup the MECHA. These branches, anyway, need to be good in many accessory skills: if indeed it is simple to learn how to guide a MECHA, it is really much longer to be able to start its construction.
  • Perforate and cut start with rocket fists to get halberd, all huge devices to defeat the enemies coming to blows.
  • Ray weapons are weapons that, starting with the shield-ray, develop using laser beams and guns of various beam kinds.
  • Disintegrators weapons that base their power on the beams of particles of matter and antimatter.

Mechanical skills can lead to really monstrous powers. Even though no individually skills surpasses skills in other elements, the powers expressed by a MECHA or a complete CYBER really are unbeatable, even if the work for their construction requires some patience.

Earth: Traditional and historical skills

After studying a little history, you can start a series of human skills, that can compete against the most high Super Heroes skills.

  • Fencing is the path to become a swordsman, handling all swords with increasing power, starting with a club.
  • Archery is a path parallel to the fencing to specialise, instead, with archs and crossbows, beginning with a slingshot. The fact of not being forced to body-to-body allows archers to have orientation different from swordsmen.
  • Armour can protect Heroes with medieval armour, helmets and cooked.
  • Bats starting with mastery of the club, this path leads to the construction of violent medieval mazzafrusti.
  • Ninja after learned the Japanese arts, this path leads to use of wakizashi and katana to become a real ninja.
  • Nunchaku after learned the Japanese arts, this path leads to use of nunchaku and techniques for spectacular hand-to-hand acrobatics fights typical of the Japanese.

As already said, the number of possible paths in Earth ensures much versatility and a lot of total power over the long term, this makes Earth rather balanced, as well as very powerful and versatile.

Water Element

The Water element has a very low number of skills, but very powerful and slow to learning. The Heroes of Water are generally very powerful in the short term. The learning branches are three:

  • Elasticity and liquefaction
  • Freezing rays
  • Ice shields

Without any doubt the last two, differentiated by orientation, are among the most powerful weapons existing on Hero Master, while the liquefaction is a great help to power up.

Fire Element

The Fire element has an average number of skills, with fairly long routes but rapid and very satisfying. The learning path is single, and passes through physical and spiritual strengthening, to obtain the ability to convey collected energy in the form of beams, balls or huge explosions. Along the way one can also gain somewhat different powers such as flight or near invisibility.

By learning to direct energy flow of different levels, one can use it as an increasingly powerful weapon, culminating in the smaching power of the Energy Sphere. For this path the Hero must follow a series of steps, scanned by physical upgrades obtained through training in multiplied gravity conditions and transformations in Super Mignon of different levels.

Every now and then, some skills TOP become accessible: they are rather powerful and have negative orientation, but fall outside of the main path, up to the terrifying Big Bang attack.

Air Element

The Air element has a very low number of skills that are very powerful and slow to learning. The routes of Air are particularly short and characterized by numerous TOP skills, that are not all listed here. The Heroes of Air are generally very powerful in the short term.

  • Weather control is the path that culminates in being able to create tornadoes;
  • Control of light enables one to create large forms of light dazzling opponents;
  • Control of darkness allows one to create dark even in the presence of light.

The last two paths certainly lead to nearly the most powerful skills in Hero Master, and can be corroborated by the numerous available TOP skills. Air also has the advantage of being strengthened against Water, its rival in being equally powerful in the short term on its own.

Mind Element

The Mind Element has an average number of skills, that take somewhat longer to learn.

The routes are numerous and not short, because often they require preparatory skills, in particular by requiring deep study of the techniques for hypnosis and / or maximum concentration.

  • Metamorphoses, duplication reaches up to the possibility to transform itself into a terrible dragon, or become invisible by taking control of an enemy's mind;
  • Teleportation provides the capacity to transfer oneself or another object in defence;
  • Mental aggression A series of skills that attack the opponent's mind, bringing him to paralysis, read thoughts, absorbing memories, stealing his vital energy, up to the terrible Mental Ray, one of the most poweful weapons on Hero Master;
  • Power of energy fields way to defend oneself adequately with strong fields of mental energy;
  • Create matter is the path on which one learns to use mental energies directly to actually create.

Some of these routes, especially the last, require, before being available, the study of very advanced techniques of mind. All of these pathways, however, arrive at a really high power level (in particular the Mental Ray) that make Mind a versatile element and a winning choice in the long term. Don't forget that it's at an advantage against Fire and Earth, other two long-term elements, but in trouble against Air and Water, that win on the short-term. This is a good indication of the fact that Mind is a good element for people with... patience. The high number of paths, together with the high reachable power, make it a good element to choose.


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