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The Skills

The skills represent all the abilities that you have and that may be used in combat. The sum of all your abilities constitute your overall power. The higher your power, the easier it will be for you to win a fight.

Each skill has several attributes: an element, an offensive power, a defensive power, an orientation and it can have one or more skill needed to learn it.

The skills are organized in a structure very similar to a tree: only once you've fully learned a skill, you can go on learning the next one that is more powerful that the previous. Sometimes you will meet a fork where you can choose several paths of knowledge, sometimes your path will continue in a straight line. Some branches may turn out to be a dead end.

The main way to learn a skill is to go to the teacher and ask him to teach a particular one. Many skills have prerequisites: to be able to learn a specific skill, you should first master all the skills required for it. Anyone can start by learning skills that don't require any skills.

Each skill has a level that goes from 0% (unknown) to 100% (high master). To become expert in a skill, you should reach 25% knowledge of it. To become master you should reach 60% of knowledge. A skill that you know as an expert can be used in combat, but it can cause a failure (thus: you'll not use it at full power) until you reach the master level.

A skill level can be improved in several ways

  • Fighting. Each time you fight all your skills improve a bit. The two skills that you use as defensive and offensive improve a little bit more than the others. Using the same skill as offensive and defensive in the same fight, will result in an higher improvement, but the total improvement of the skill will be inferior to the overall improvement you'd get by using two different skills.
  • Setting the training activity. In this case all your skill above 30% will improve a bit. The other will remain as they are.
  • Learning it from the teacher. The teacher can teach you only the skills of which you master all the needed skills. A skill without needed skills can be learned by anyone. The teacher can only teach skills of its own element, or accessory skills. By taking lessons, only one specifically chosen skill goes up, but the improvement is greater than the improvement obtained through training or fighting.

A skill level can decrease in several ways

  • If you do not master all the needed skills of a skill
  • If you and the skill have opposite alignments. If you're or the skill are neutral, you won't have any skill decrease for this reason.
  • If your teacher is of a different element of the skill
Top Skills

When you get better, you may discover that some skills are marked with a crown

This means that you have a TOP SKILL. This simply means that there are no other skills that need it, or in other words that the skill is not a prerequisite for another. Sometimes this indicates that the growth path on a certain type of skills is finished, congratulations! You are very powerful now! Other times it means that that skill is useful for other purposes, possibly for missions or other functions, but it's not needed to obtain new skills to train.


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